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By | March 12, 2018

Sprint Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Company

Sprint HeadquartersSprint is a telecommunications company that started with the Brown Telephone company in 1899. Sprint corporate headquarters is based in Kansas. Sprint transitioned from being a landline phone company into a mobile service provider by creating the Embarq brand, which is called CenturyLink later on.  The expansion of their mobile service came into realization when they adapted to advancing technology and resort to a merger with Nextel. 14,000 more individuals were employed into the headquarters upon the completion of Sprint/Nextel merger. Due to the downsizing of the company, they enabled companies like JP Morgan and CareCentrix to sublease some of the corporate space. Street names were planned to be changed by Sprint headquarters in order to reflect companies within the vicinity of the campus and to cater to the new leases.

Sprint Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

The headquarters is made up of 17 buildings, covering over 200 acres of land. With that said, the headquarters can be described as a campus.  Over three million square feet is the total area of the offices. The company also has Sprint corporate office in Virginia, California, New York, and Virginia.

  • Sprint Headquarters Address: The headquarters is located at this specific address: Sprint Headquarters 6200 Sprint Pkwy. Overland Park, KS 66251.
  • Phone Number: The headquarters has two phone numbers you can contact. If you wish to contact the company directory, dial 1-800-829-0965. On the other hand, you can call the corporate office at 1-913-624-6000.
  • Sprint Corporate Headquarters Email: You can contact the headquarters by email in several different ways. Check out the corporate website to view the list of direct email addresses you can use to contact the public policy, corporate team and consumer product support respectively.
  • Website: You can find the headquarters official website on the Sprint website or the Company Info page.

Sprint Headquarters Corporate Office: Team of Executives

Sprint is a successful company in the mobile phone industry. The success was generally contributed by the company CEO (a former AT&T executive) and the rest of the executive team.

  • Chief Executive Officer: Dan Hesse
  • Chief Financial Officer: Joseph Euteneur
  • Sprint Enterprise Solutions President: Matt Carter
  • Corporate and Business Development Senior Vice President: Michael Schwartz
  • Network, Technology and Operations President: Steve Elfman
  • Sprint Retail President: Bob Johnson
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Bill Malloy
  • Prepaid President: Dow Draper

Sprint Headquarters Corporate Office: Company Brands

Sprint HQ has brands such as Boost Mobile, Assurance Wireless, Virgin Mobile USA, and Clearwire. The company’s previous brand is Nextel, which was owned by the company between 2005 and 2013. When Nextel was shutdown in 2013, it was acquired by Softbank, which resulted to a significant number of shares in Clearwire. 

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