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By | March 12, 2018

REI Headquarters Corporate Office: Company Products

Rei HeadquartersREI is a one-stop shop company for outdoor enthusiasts. The REI corporate company offers outdoor clothing and accessories that you can use for camping, climbing, hiking, cycling, and other fitness activities.

REI Headquarters Information – Address Phone Number Email Website

The Board of Directors has a mailing address you can write to. You can also send an email to the Board of Directors as well as make a phone call to REI headquarters. If you are asking where is REI headquarters, then the answer is Kent, Washington.

  • REI Headquarters Address: The headquarters has two mailing addresses – REI Headquarters 6750 S. 228th St. Kent, WA 98032 and REI Headquarters 6750 S. 228th St. Kent, WA 98032. The first one is the complete address of the corporate address while the second one is the mailing address of the Board of Directors.
  • Phone Number: You can contact the customer service at 1-253-891-2500, which will be answered by an automated system. On the other hand, you can call REI corporate headquarters at 1-253-395-3780. During you call, the operator will ask you who or which department are you trying to contact so they can redirect your call to another line.
  • Email: You can’t contact the REI corporate office via email but you can contact the Board of Directors using its direct email address. The email is not actually a contact form, so you must your personal or business email account to send the email.
  • Website: The headquarters doesn’t have any corporate website. However, you may check out this About US page to learn about the company. This page contains information on the REI history and the executive team.

REI Headquarters Corporate Office: Executive Officers

The headquarters is divided into two major groups –an executive team and a Board of Directors.

Executive Team

Executive Vice President and CFO: Eric Artz

Vice President: Rick Bingle

Senior Vice President: Brad Brown

Senior Vice President: Michelle Clemens

Vice President: Janet Hanson

Vice President: Kathleen Peterson

Vice President: Sue Sallee

Senior Vice President: Tim Spangler

CEO: Jerry Stritzke

Vice President: Susan Viscon

Senior Vice President: Catherine Walker

Vice President: Annie Zipfel

The Board of Directors includes Cheryl Scott, Jerry Stritzke, Gerry Lopez, Steven Hooper, Beth Newlands Campbell, Anthony Truesdale, Kari Glover, Matt Compton, Sharon Philpott, Chloe Harford, John Hamlin, Stephen Lockhart, and Bert Quintana.

REI Headquarters Corporate Office: Included Brands

While various brands are sold by REI Company, it also has an exclusive brand just like other companies. REI corporate headquarters also provides products for camping and other outdoor activities.

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