Pinterest Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 15, 2018

Pinterest Headquarters Corporate Office: An Overview

Pinterest HeadquartersPinterest started in 2010, this is a photo-sharing website. Pinterest Headquarters started small. It was only open to users who requested membership from a selected group. Users of Pinterest from around the world pin photos in the web, which carries and embedded connection to the website, blog or other source where the photos originally was pinned. For viewers to learn more about the recipe, project or craft, they need to view the pins and click through the website.

Pinterest Headquarters Corporate Office – Address Phone Number Email Website

The company’s headquarters is located in the state of San Francisco. It newly opened a headquarters after designing their First office space with ALL of the above. Critics find the space not so attractive, and they were surprised on the creativity and color.

  • Pinterest San Francisco Address: If you want to reach Pinterest executives at the headquarters via mail or visit its physical address in the San Francisco office, just remember this address: Pinterest Headquarters 808 Brannan St. San Francisco, CA 94103. Phone Number: Call 1-650-561-5407 if you want to call the corporate number of the headquarters.
  • Email: There are two options available for those who wants to email to headquarters. Either they submit a request in Pinterest help page or opt to send email to the press department of the corporate office.
  • Website: Pinned page from HQ is the best source to get information about their Headquarters. There, you can see pictures of the new headquarters as well as company’s information on events.

Pinterest Headquarters: The People Working in The Executive Team

Pinterest is a private company but the company’s success also has to do with its investors. Two particular names are repeatedly mentioned and they are the company’s founders. These two are Benjamin Silbermann and Evan Sharp. You can check the pictures of the whole team through Pinterest website. However, visitors cannot click the pictures in order to learn more information about them. Some of the investors that are associated in the headquarters are the following:

  • Jack Abraham
  • Michael Birch
  • Scott Belsky
  • Shana Fisher
  • Ron Conway
  • Kevin Hartz
  • Jeremy Stoppelman
  • Hank Vigil
  • Fritz Lanman
  • Brian Cohen

Pinterest Headquarters: Its Brands

At this point in time, there are no associated brands that are associated with Pinterest corporate headquarters. However, in the future, they can expand their business in other markets but not until the company goes public. Pinterest allows businesses as well as websites to use the Pinterest image for any contest or marketing.

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