Page Plus Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 15, 2018

Page Plus Headquarters Corporate Office: Information About the Office

Page Plus HeadquarterPage Plus started as a pager provider in 1993. It upgraded along with the mobile phone market and is now called Page Plus Cellular from Page Plus Communications. From pager services, it upgraded to providing wireless phone services. Page Plus Headquarters is under the operation of Verizon network. Unlike any other phone companies, Page Plus does not pay for the maintenance of the mobile phone network that’s why plans is cheaper than those that are available on Verizon.

Page Plus Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Website Email

The headquarters has an office in Michigan but the main is located in Holland, Ohio.

  • Address: You can reach the headquarters at Page Plus Headquarters 1615 Timberwolf Dr. Holland, OH 43528
  • Page Plus Number : Contact the company at 1-800-550-2436 which is a single toll-free phone number for Page Plus corporate headquarters. This phone number is also listed as the customer service department contact info. The second phone number for Page Plus  is 1-419-382-8603.
  • Fax Number: You can fax to 1-419-865-8053 if you have any letter or documents that needs to be sent to headquarters.
  • Email: Page Plus doesn’t have a direct email address. However, there is an email address provided for complainant. This is the usual reason customers want to reach a corporate office. Just send an email to the complaint department at Page Plus. Sending help ticket is also possible through email if you are finding it hard to use your cellular phone or the cellular phone service is hard.
  • Website: The Page Plus customers can visit the only website of the headquarters.

Page Plus Headquarters Corporate Office: Under The Executive Team

When it comes to the executive team of the headquarters, there is only few information about them. Aside from Abdul Yassine as the founder, Yassine Yassine as the executive vice president and Denny Scher as the marketing manager, there are no other executives mentioned in news stories or information about the company.

Page Plus Headquarters Corporate Office: Brands Included

Page Plus corporate headquarters doesn’t go with brands but they are associated with different cellular phone manufacturers like Huawei and Kyocera.

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