Netflix Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 14, 2018

Netflix Headquarters Corporate Office: Knowing the Media Company

Netflix HeadquartersNetflix was just a rental business before. Individuals can rent DVD copies of various movies and television shows. There are various types of membership you can avail. For instance, one membership type can let you rent at least one DVD per month. The advancement of technology and changes in the entertainment industry prompted the media company to provide online streaming of movies and television shows in addition to rental services. Today, people can watch their favorite television shows anytime and anywhere thanks to Netflix headquarters. The company even offers original series to their subscribers.

Netflix Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

The Netflix headquarters doesn’t have a corporate website. However, they have an Investor Relations website that can let you explore the corporate aspect of the business. You can find the company’s headquarters in Los Gatos, California but if you want to know where is Netflix headquarters specifically and other important contact information, continue reading.

  • Netflix Headquarters Address: You can communicate successfully with the headquarters if you write to this address: Netflix Headquarters 100 Winchester Cir. Los Gatos, CA 95032
  • Phone Number: Dial 1-408-540-3700 to call the headquarters of Netflix.
  • Email: You can’t contact the headquarters via email. However, the Investor Relations department of the Netflix corporate office provides a contact form. Take note that the corporate office doesn’t entertain account issues. Netflix customer service can help you with account problems instead.
  • Website: Netflix has a website dedicated to help you with your account and another one that caters for investor relations.

Netflix Headquarters Corporate Office: Executive Officers

The company is governed by a team of executives and board members. This information is provided by the Netflix company headquarters in detail. Here are the executive officers of the company:

  • Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Netflix: Reed Hastings
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Kelly Bennett
  • Chief Talent Officer: Tawni Cruz
  • Chief Communications Officer: Jonathan Friedland
  • Chief Product Officer: Neil Hunt
  • Chief Streaming Officer: Greg Peters
  • Chief Content Officer: Ted Sarandos

The following are board members and a part of the executive body at the Netflix HQ address:

  • Richard Barton
  • George Battle
  • Timothy Battle
  • Jay Hoag
  • Leslie Kilgore

Netflix Headquarters Corporate Office: Included Brands

Lilyhammer, House of Cards, Hemlock Grover and Orange is the New Black are just some of the original series that are associated with the Netflix HQ. In the future, the company will be offering a number of superhero shows based on Marvel comics.

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