National Grid Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 14, 2018

National Grid Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Energy Company

National Grid HeadquartersNational Grid is an energy company that supply safe and clean energy for household and business owners. With the company’s clean energy production, its client can expect a safe energy supply for years. The company operates in the United States and Great Britain which means that it has a headquarters in each country. In the US, over three million US customers rely on the services of the National Grid headquarters based in New York.

National Grid Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

The US website does not openly provide the actual location of the National Grid corporate office headquarters. You will need to browse the Terms and Conditions of that site to view its address in New York. Other online sources mention that the corporate office of the company is based in Massachusetts. Read on to know the two different addresses of the headquarters. If you wish to know how to contact the headquarters, then you can’t rely on the website’s corporate hub page.

  • Address in Massachusetts: Several sources claimed that the complete physical address of the National Grid corporate headquarters is National Grid Headquarters 40 Sylvan Rd. Waltham, MA 02451
  • Address in New York: The Terms and Conditions of the company has the second complete address: National Grid Headquarters 300 Erie Blvd. W. Syracuse, NY 13202
  • Phone Number: Dial 1-781-907-1000 to contact the company’s headquarters in the United States.
  • Email: The corporate headquarters doesn’t have a contact email but they do have accounts from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Website: The corporate hub of the company’s headquarters in the United States is its official website. On the other hand, residential and business clients can access their respective accounts through an independent website.

National Grid Headquarters Corporate Office: The People Behind the Company

Each of the two headquarters based in two different countries has its own executive team. The executive officers are Steven Freng (Chief Executive), Thomas King (Chairman and President), Lee Eckert (Chief Financial Officer),  John Donleavy (Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer), and Ronald Gerwatowski (Director and Senior Vice President).

National Grid Headquarters: Associated Brands

The National Grid main office headquarters in the United State are not associated with any brands but the company has mergers with Keyspan and the New England company. Thanks to these mergers, the headquarters of the company has been able to expand is operation and services, thus benefiting more residential and business owners.

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