MyHR CVS Login Guide

By | November 13, 2018

In order to provide a transparent portal to access details related to work and other associated things, CVS has created an online HR portal in association with Aon Hewitt. Called MyHR CVS, it can be accessed by all CVS personnel who work at the company’s drug stores. The company’s employees can get a lot from this service.


MyHR CVS Login

Workers can access this portal using the link at the end of this page and they can follow these methods for their registration. The website is specific for individuals working in CVS MinuteClinic and CVS Health. A user ID and password have to be entered for the user to sign in. To make a new account, click on the button named “Register as a New User”. There’s a need to secure Social Security Number or SSN and birthdate for registration on the site. Individuals may forgot their password sometimes. There’s a guide for issues such as this and for completing registration forms. By becoming a member of the CVS MyHR site, you’ll be able to acquire the advantages as a company’s worker.


 Tips on how to Register on MyHR CVS.

On the main web page, new users must start their account registration by simply clicking the “Are you a new user?”  After entering your date of birth and your social security number’s last four digits, you will be asked to select a new username and PIN number.

You can also make a hint for your password so you can remember it easily. For instance, if your security password is “blue”, your hint could be “sky”. If you forget your password, you will see the hint.


MyHR CVS Employee Benefits

The company provides their workers this advantage without requesting any payment. The features and advantages are the same for both old and new workers. This shows the concern of CVS to its personnel. Through the online portal, employees are given discounted medical checkups, medical insurance, and 401k programs. Nevertheless, CVS allows only authorized members to avail these characteristics of the  mycvshr. The primary requirement for registration is just a valid e-mail address. The employee stock purchase program is the highest form of advantage MyHR offers its personnel. Through it, these individuals can also buy stocks while they are employed in the same company.

There are many benefit given by MyHR CVS like development of skills, health programs, discount programs, stock purchase by personnel, education and adoption programs, and many more. Workers of the CVS company gain development in self-esteem since the company strives to continuously educate their staff about their income taxes, insurance for life, medical assistance, salary and allowances for specific work. With these efforts, personnel will boost their schedules management and attendance.


MyHR CVS and its Additional Details

Log-in for various kinds of workers may vary from one another. Those in CV stores may utilize the CVS LEARNet password for their seven-digit identification and employees from distribution centers might use their myHRpassword. CVS personnel who’re related to college students can also give them the chance to access the portal site, also.



HR data includes advantages, discounts, salaries, and other information employees should know; CVS does not fail in providing that. Every worker of CVS could use the CVS Health Learning Management System – CVS LEARNet feature offered. CVS employees should be able to learn new concepts and train their work abilities better. Furthermore, they could also become updated with new information for their work.


CVS Myhr Medical Insurance

Those employees who aren’t registered to the MyHRCVS portal miss out a lot of opportunities and offers. Health care coverage and FSAs or Health Saving Account are large advantages but are only offered to members. There are specifications depending on the medical provider of the worker but aids a lot once approved; learn more from Those who haven’t become members yet also get their advantages like short-term disability insurance plan and insurance coverage for mishaps acquired during a business travel. The worker will secure the basic insurance coverages and also the LifeScope for You Life Services.


What you must Learn About CVS?

CVS has been available since 1963 and the many years of experience in the service has taken it to where it is right now. America place the firm as the 2nd most excellent drugstore chain in the nation. Internationally, it is twelfth in the listing of top biggest companies. It holds 8000 employees in its one thousand outlets, which is why it offers high quality services.


CVS Myhr phone number – How you can Contact CVS HR?

Go to the HR at for further information. MyHR portal queries are welcome as well in the toll-free contact number 1-888-694-7287 (888-myHR-CVS).


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