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By | November 27, 2018

You’ll learn how to access login help, checking balance correctly, registration guide, reviews, FAQs, contact details, and other features of Upon registration, the Prepaid Card owner would be able to check card statements, examine card balances, and do other dealings. is the best place where users could manage their Prepaid Visa Gift Cards and Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards.

The Prepaid Visa Gift Cards or Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards can be used any place in the USA. The cards could be buy on the web or locally with a limited amount. Users with Prepaid Visa Gift Cards or Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards can give the cards to other individuals as gifts. It could only be used once you become a member of the website.

Through, expending the best holidays with your loved ones can be acquired very easily. You can also pay your bills through the portal but you must keep in mind to make sure your card and your card number are protected when you use them.

mygiftcardsite balance

Logging in

Enter the Mygiftcardsite portal through the link Once the page loads, enter your account credentials. Bear in mind that you should utilize the right 1-800 number, which is 1-866-952-5653. Avoid using the number on the Gift card as a 1-800 number. You must then type in important details including your Card Number and Card Security Code. Also solve the Captcha to complete the procedure.


www mygiftcardsite com Register

Visit and log in by entering your card number and the cards security code. You must solve a captcha code before you could sign up your card and access the site through phone or Personal computer.


www mygiftcardsite com Balance Check

A balance check can be carried out by contacting the customer care of mygiftcardsite or by logging into the online portal.

Want to check your balance online? just log on to the website and input your card details in given fields. There is no hassle to it. The plan of action needs a valid card number and security code to lookup balance. Follow the step-by-step instructions pointed out below to start the application.

  1. Visit the
  2. Enter your card information on its respective field.
  3. The first field is where your gift card number must be entered.
  4. Prevent not successful log in by ensuring you input the right 3-digit security code, which is located at the back of your card.
  5. Identify the security characters shown in the image and enter them in the space provided.
  6. Just click “Login”.
  7. You can then see your card’s remaining balance.


Mygiftcardssite Customer Service

The only working customer care contact number for, that we are aware off is: 1-866-952-5653. The number is a toll-free number. FAQ

The following are the questions usually asked on the Mygiftcardssite portal.

Question: What’s the usage of Prepaid Visa® Gift Card?

Answer: There’s a certain amount of money in the Prepaid Card that you could spend. You could use the Prepaid Visa Gift Card to buy what you want anywhere in the US the Visa Debit Card is accepted, as well.

Question: What’s the different between the Prepaid Visa Gift Card and other gift cards?

Answer: The Prepaid Visa Gift Card can be utilized for purchases in most stores across the US while other gift cards are only usable in some shops.

Question: Does the Prepaid Visa Gift Card possess the features of a credit card?

Answer: No, only the set amount in the Prepaid Visa Gift Card can be used. The amount will be deducted when you make a purchase.

Question: Which Denominations can I buy?

Answer: Cards contain amounts of $15, $20, $20, $25, $50, and $100. Variable load cards are available at $20-500$ denominations. On the other hand, all the said denominations might not be available in just one retailer.


Why is Signing up My Gift Card Important?

Each and every transaction could be shown to you in your account in Through the website, you could get free services such as checking your card balance, and many other.


Where Can I Utilize My Gift Card

It’s important to read and understand the terms and privacy policy of your gift card and also the company that issues it. This will help you maintain a healthy relationship with the card issuer and makes sure you know all the facts about your card before opting to use it. Oftentimes, your problems concerning balances and transaction histories can make use your knowledge about the site’s policies. Make improvements to your life and get yourself a membership.

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