Medtronic Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 14, 2018

Medtronic Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Medical Company

Medtronic HeadquartersMedtronic started way back in 1949 as a medical company with a goal to prolong and improve the life of their patients. The innovative medical solutions of the company are ideal for pain, heart conditions, diabetes, and neurological conditions. The company is operating worldwide and has a headquarters based in the United States. The knowledge of Medtronic headquarters far exceeds that of other medical companies. This is because Medtronic offices are usually based in countries that have Universal Health Care.

Medtronic Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

The location of the Medtronic corporate office headquarters is Minneapolis, Minnesota. The official website contains contact information such as phone number and mailing address as well as the names of the executive officers and board of directors behind the company. A general information contact form for the headquarters is also included. However, we haven’t found any official contact form for such office.

  • Medtronic Address MN: The complete mailing address of Medtronic corporate headquarters is Medtronic Headquarters 710 Medtronic Pkwy Mail Stop: L100 Minneapolis, MN 55432. If you want to be replied quickly, include an attention line where you can write the name of the department or person you wish to contact.
  • Phone Number: Dial 1-800-633-8766 (toll-free number) to contact the company or 1-763-514-4000 to communicate with the company’s headquarters.
  • Email: Reaching Medtronic USA headquarters via email will require the use of the general information contact form on the official website. You must provide the right information and follow the instructions to make sure that the headquarters will respond to your message. On the form, choose your country, provide your contact information, and the reason why you wish to communicate with the company
  • Website: The official website contains information about the Medtronic history and the headquarters as well as contact information for such as Medtronic corporate headquarters address. However, the company has no corporate website.

Medtronic Headquarters Corporate Office: Executive Officers

The Medtronic corporate headquarters has an executive team and a board of directors.

Executive Team

CEO: Omar Ishrak

Executive Vice President: Michael J. Coyle

Executive Vice President: Christopher J. O’Connell

Executive Vice President: Gary Ellis

Senior Vice President: Mike Genau

Executive Vice President: Hooman Hakami

Vice President: James Hogan

Vice President: Joon Hurh

Senior Vice President: Richard E. Kuntz, MD, MSC

Vice President: Chris Lee

Senior Vice President: Brad Lerman

Senior Vice President: Geoffrey S. Martha

Senior Vice President: Stephen N. Oesterle MD

Vice President: Luann Pendy

Vice President: Milind Shah

Vice President: Takashi Shimada

Senior Vice President: Carol A. Surface

Senior Vice President: Katie Szyman

Executive Vice President: Rob Ten Hoedt

The Board of Directors includes Richard H. Anderson, Scott C. Donnelly, Victor J. Dzau MD, Omar Ishrak, Shirley Ann Jackson, PhD, Governor Michael O. Leavitt, James T. Lenehan, Denise O’Leary, Kendall J. Powell, Robert C. Pozen, and Preetha Reddy.

Medtronic Headquarters Corporate Office: Associated Brands

The only brand that the Medtronic HQ has is Medtronic.

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