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By | March 14, 2018

LinkedIn Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Social Media Site

Linkedin HeadquartersLinkedIn is a huge social media website with over 300 million members (more than 100 million live in the United States) from different parts of the globe. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, this site is more on business than having social interaction. This is because LinkedIn corporate office opens job offers and opportunities to its members other than helping people and businesses connect with each other. In the website, one connection can trigger more connections depending on the degrees of connection.

LinkedIn Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

Connecting with the headquarters on LinkedIn will allow you to view the contact information of the company such as phone number, email, and LinkedIn headquarters address. While you can visit the LinkedIn HQ address in Mountain View, California, it would be more convenient if you sign up for an account on the site for free so you can connect with corporate office.

  • LinkedIn Corporate Address: You can mail the headquarters of LinkedIn. Use the following address when sending a letter to the company’ office in Mountain View, California: LinkedIn Headquarters 2029 Stierlin Ct. Ste. 200 Mountain View, CA 94043
  • Phone Number: Dial 1-650-687-360 to contact the headquarters and you will be answered by a switchboard or operator. You will be asked what department you want to contact so make sure you have such information handy.
  • Email: The corporate office of LinkedIn actually doesn’t have a dedicated contact email or contact form. If you wish to contact the company via email, connect with the headquarters on LinkedIn first.
  • Website: Investor Relations and Pressroom are two websites that can provide you information about the headquarters. The corporate office details are provided after clicking the links on the left side or top portion of the page.

LinkedIn Headquarters Corporate Office: Company Executives

The LinkedIn corporate headquarters is divided into two executives, namely: the management and the Board of Directors. You can learn about some of the executives here.


CEO: Jeff Weiner

Vice President: Nick Besbeas

Senior Vice President: Mike Gamson

Senior Vice President: Deep Nishar

Vice President: Erika Rottenberg

Senior Vice President: Kevin Scott

Senior Vice President: Steve Sordello

Vice President: Shannon Stubo

Vice President: Pat Wadors

The Board of Directors includes Reid Hoffman, A George Battle, Leslie Kilgore, Stanley Meresman, Michael Moritz, David Sze, and Jeff Weiner.

LinkedIn Headquarters Corporate Office: Associated Brands

The LinkedIn headquarters is not associated with any brands.

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