Intel Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 14, 2018

Intel Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Electronics Company

Intel HeadquartersIntel is a popular electronics and technology company that produces computer processors for various devices such as laptops, tablets and desktops. There is also an Intel headquarters that handles the daily operation of the company.

Intel Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

The company headquarters works with another electronic company to provide processors and parts for devices such as computers. The products of this company are not directly available to the public. By visiting the informational website, you can view some contact details for the headquarters. Read on to know where is Intel headquarters and its contact information

  • Intel Headquarters Address: The complete address of Intel corporate headquarters is Intel Headquarters 2200 Mission College Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95054
  • Phone Number: Dial 1-408-765-8080 to contact Intel headquarters. An operator will entertain your call and will ask about your issue. You can skip this if you know the department you want to reach. Just tell that you need to contact this department so your call will be directed.
  • Email: Contacting Intel corporate headquarters via email is probably not the best way to get your issue addressed. Aside from the long waiting time for your issue to be entertained, you should also worry about resending your email all over again if you don’t get any response from the corporate team.
  • Website: The main company website of Intel includes an official website for the headquarters. This means that there is independent corporate website for Intel corporate headquarters.

Intel Headquarters Corporate Office: Individuals Behind the Executive Office

Based on the company Newsroom, there is only a few member of the Board of Directors while many in the executive team. The following are the names of the person who are members of the Board of Directors and the executive team.

The Board of Directors includes Andy Bryant, Brain Krzanich, Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, Susan Decker, John Donahoe, Reed Hundt, James Plummer, David Pottruck, Frank Yeary, and David Yoffie.

Executive Team

CEO: Brian Krzanich

President: Renee James

Executive Vice President: William Holt

Executive Vice President: Thomas Kilroy

CFO and Executive Vice President: Stacy Smith

Executive Vice President: Arvind Sodhani

Senior Vice President: Sohail Ahmed

Senior Vice President: Diane Bryant

Senior Vice President: Shmuel Eden

Senior Vice President: Douglas Melamed

Senior Vice President: Kirk Skaugen

Senior Vice President: Richard Taylor

Vice President: Michael Bell

Vice President: Rani Borkar

Vice President: Robert Brucjk

Vice President: Christopher Bruno

Vice President: Robert Crooke

Vice President: Leslie Culbertson

Vice President: Douglas Davis

Vice President: Hermann Eul

Vice President: Aicha Evans

Vice President: Douglas Fisher

Vice President: Ron Friedman

Vice President: Ravi Jacob

Vice President: Jonathan Khazam

Vice President: Cary Klafter

Vice President: Michael Mayberry

Vice President: Suzan Miller

Vice President: Christian Morales

Vice President: Stuart Pann

Vice President: Gregory Pearson

Vice President: Justin Rattner

Vice President: Steven Rodgers

Vice President: Babak Sabi

Vice President: Stephen Rodgers

Vice President: Babak Sabi

Vice President: Stephen Smith

Vice President: Kimberly Stevenson

Vice President: Neil Tunmore

Vice President: Joshua Walden

Vice President: Wen-Hann Wang

Vice President: Xu Yang

Intel Headquarters Corporate Office: Brands

Intel is the brand itself and there are no other brands associated with the Intel corporation headquarters.

Intel Headquarters Resource Links

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