Fingerhut Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 20, 2018

 FingerhutFingerhut Headquarters is a catalog retail that operates online and offline. Fingerhut corporate headquarters is basically Bluestem Brands. People can avail a monthly payment plan on various products from the company. The good thing is those who have been turned down for all other credit cards can still purchase from Fingerhut. The convenience however requires you to pay more for owning an item you purchased from Fingerhut.

Fingerhut Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

There has been confusion as to where the Fingerhut corporate office headquarters is located as Bluestem brands mentioned that the office’s location is St. Cloud, Minnesota while another source mentioned Eden Prairie, Minnesota. After checking multiple relevant websites, we found out that Eden Prairie is indeed the location of the office.

  • Fingerhut Corporate Address: You can send a mail to this address of the headquarters: Fingerhut c/o Bluestem Brands 6509 Flying Cloud Eden Prairie, MN 55344
  • Fingerhut Phone Number Corporate: Dial 1-952-656-3700 to contact the headquarters of Fingerhut.
  • Email: Fingerhut corporate headquarters can’t be reached directly via email or contact form. Bluestem Brands however provides two email addresses for media relations and investor relations. The available contact form is only meant for contacting the customer service team, not the corporate office.
  • Website: There are official websites of Fingerhut and Bluestem Brands.

Fingerhut Headquarters Corporate Office: Team of Executives

There is no direct executive team for the headquarters. The Bluestem Brands however has an executive team. As of November 2013, the executive team includes:

  • Chief Executive Officer and President: Steve Nave
  • Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President: Chidam Chidambaram
  • General Manager and Senior Vice President of Jennifer Kemp
  • Senior Vice President of Human Resources: Shawn Moren
  • Chief Credit Risk Officer and Executive Vice President: Saby Sengupta
  • Executive Vice President of Merchandising: Gina Sprenger
  • Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President: Mark Wagener

Fingerhut Headquarters Corporate Office: Included Brands and PayCheck Direct are under the Bluestem Brands or the Fingerhut headquarters. Employees of a company make use of PayCheck Direct to purchase items directly from an online catalog. The payments will then be deducted from their paycheck. Meanwhile, has an in-house credit from WebBank. It works like just like Fingerhut.

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