FBI Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 20, 2018

FBI Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Bureau

FBI headquartersThe Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI started in 1908 where it was based in the Department of Justice building. The FBI left the place after 1975 and moved to another location. The role of this government division is to investigate and apprehend fugitives that have committed several criminal violations. They keep a list of the top 10 most wanted individuals, which are shown in the website of the headquarters. Today, FBI has over 50 field offices across the country and most them are based in major cities.

FBI Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

Headquarters is currently located in Washington D.C. but is proposed to be transferred to Virginia or Maryland where 495 beltway is accessible. Official estimate consolidating offices are expected to reduce over $40 million dollars in expenses. Nevertheless, the office move is still not final.

Address: The office address of the bureau’s headquarters is FBI Headquarters 935 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington D.C. 20535. You can either visit the specific address or address your mail to it.

FBI Hadquarters Phone Number: You may call the headquarters at 1-202-324-3000.

Email: General communication with the FBI can be done through mail or phone call. However, the headquarters has no email address. Reporting tips to the headquarters can be done through an electronic form.

Website: You may access the official website of FBI to be updated on news reports, contact information for the headquarters, and the most wanted criminals.

FBI Headquarters Corporate Office: Bureau Executives

The members of the executive team at the headquarters of FBI are either nominated or elected.

Director: James Comey

Deputy Director: Mark Giuliano

Associate Deputy Director: Kevin Perkins

Chief of Staff: Chuck Rosenberg

Deputy Chief of Staff: Jim Rybicki

Congressional Affairs: Stephen Kelly

EEO Affairs: Kevin Walker

General Counsel: James Baker

Integrity and Compliance: Patrick Kelley

Ombudsman: Monique Bookstein

Professional Responsibility: Candice Will

Inspection: Nancy McNamara

Logistics Services and Facilities: Patrick Findlay

Finance: Richard Haley II

Records Management: Michelle Ann Jupina

Resource Planning: David Schlendorf

Executive Assistant Director of the National Security Branch: Andrew McCabe

Executive Assistant Director of Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch: Robert Anderson

Executive Assistant Director of Human Resources Branch: Janet Kamerman

Executive Assistant Director of Science and Technology: Amy Hess

Executive Assistant Director of Information and Technology: Jerome Pender

FBI Headquarters Corporate Office: Associated Brands

The FBI headquarters is not associated with any brand.

FBI Headquarters Resource Links

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