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By | March 20, 2018

Facebook Headquarters: About the Social Media Company

Facebook HeadquartersFacebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg is now one of the biggest social networks in the United States. When the company began in 2004, only college students have access to Facebook. Two years later, Facebook became accessible to high school students and the public. Facebook was fully introduced to the public in 2012. The entire executive team and all Facebook employees are based in the Facebook headquarters. Facebook has an official website.

Facebook Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

Headquarters was originally based in Palo Alto, California and was transferred to a bigger area with more resources in Menlo Park, California. If you wish to know where is the headquarters of Facebook, read on.

  • Facebook Headquarters Address: You can visit or mail to the headquarters at the Facebook Menlo Park address: Facebook 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park, CA 94025
  • Facebook Office Location for Board of Directors: The Board of Directors from the headquarters also has an address: Facebook Corporate Secretary 1601 Willow Rd. Menlo Park, CA 94025
  • Phone Number: Dial 1-650-308-7300 to call the headquarters
  • Email: The headquarters doesn’t have a direct email address but they provide a contact page.
  • Website: There is an official website of Facebook that is dedicated for the public. Investor relations and news are provided in other websites.

Facebook Headquarters Corporate Office: Who’s Behind the Company?

Facebook headquarters and Facebook.com are operated and managed by the Board of Directors, which consists of 8 members. The board members are basically the executive team. The Board members include Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Chairman and Founder), Sherly Sandberg (Chief Operating Officer), Marc Adreessen, Erskine Bowles, Susan Desmond-Hellman, Donald Graham, Reed Hastings, and Peter Thiel.

Facebook Headquarters Corporate Office: Associated Brands

Facebook has merged or acquired several companies. As a result, some of the merged companies were no longer independent. There are over 30 mergers and acquisitions of Facebook over the years. FriendFeed, Divvyshot, Drop.io, Instagram, Lightbox.com, Karma and Hot Studio are great examples of companies that have merged with and acquired by Facebook corporate office headquarters. Of all the companies acquired by Facebook, only Instagram remained whole and independent. Mark Zuckerberg claims that the acquisitions have been essential to the development of the Facebook and have been a way to employ excellent talents and forward thinkers.

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