Dollar Headquarters Corporate Office Number

By | March 20, 2018

Dollar Tree Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Retail Store Chain

Dollar Tree HeadquartersDollar Tree is one of the major retail companies such as Walmart. All merchandise of this company costs as much as $1. There are name brands and generic brands included in the store. Customers can avail printed coupons from the store chain. This has been a way for the Dollar Tree corporate to attract more clients.

Dollar Tree Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

Chesapeake, Virginia is the location of the headquarters. The Dollar Tree corporate office can be reached at their social media pages at Facebook and Twitter. The official website has an address and contact form but has no Dollar Tree corporate phone number.

  • Address: The corporate office in the Chesapeake, Virginia accepts post mails. The complete mailing address is Dollar Tree Headquarters 500 Volvo Pkwy Chesapeake, VA 23320. Your letter should include your contact information so the headquarters can contact you in many ways. Don’t include any information that could make you a target of identity theft, especially if your letter is about financial matters.
  • Dollar Tree Corporate Number: The Dollar support center and corporate office only uses the same phone number – 1-757-321-5000.
  • Email: Contacting the headquarters via email can be done in two ways. One if filling out the contact form and another is sending a direct email message to corporate executive members.
  • Website: Within the retail website, you can find the website of the headquarters that provides information on corporate contact/leadership and investor relations. You can visit the retails site to make orders from Dollar tree and get the merchandise delivered to your home or local store. Most items can be bought in bulk.

Dollar Tree Headquarters Corporate Office: Executive Officers

You can find Officers and the Board of Directors at the headquarters of Dollar Tree.


Chief Executive Officer: Bob Sasser

Chief Operating Officer and President: Gary Philibin

Chief Financial Officer: Kevin Wampler

Chief Legal Officer: William Old

Chief Merchandising Officer: Robert Rudman

Chief Administration Officer: Mike Matacunas

The Board of Directors includes Macon Brock Jr., Arnold Barron, Mary Anne Citrino, H. Ray Compton, Conrad Hall, Lemuel Lewis, J. Douglas Perry, Bob Sasser, Thomas Saunders, Carl Zeithaml, and Thomas Whiddon.

Dollar Tree Headquarters Corporate Office: Brands

There are no personalized brands in Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree headquarters may have name brands and generic brands, but the company didn’t produce them.

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