Dollar General Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 20, 2018

Dollar General Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Retail Company

Dollar General HeadquartersDollar General is a retail company whose branches are located in more rural locations. This means that you can find several stores under the Dollar General corporate office in smaller towns. Their products are lower in price but be noted that the products are company alternatives to the name brands. If you need an alternative to a certain product, you can rely on Dollar General.

Dollar General Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

The Dollar General corporate headquarters in Tennessee has no email contact but you can contact the office via social media instead. Aside from social media pages, the company can also be reached by writing to the corporate office address or through phone call.

  • Dollar General Home Office Address: The complete mailing address for the headquarters is Dollar General Headquarters 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville, TN 37072
  • Phone Number: You can contact the headquarters through the Dollar General corporate office number – 1-615-855-4000.
  • Email: There is an email form that you can use to request documents regarding the financial aspect of the headquarters. If you wish to contact a certain member of the corporate team, connect with his or her social media accounts instead of using the email form.
  • Website: The Dollar General official website  serves as an online retail shop and a source of information about Dollar General corporate and headquarters as well as the investor/shareholder aspect of the company.

Dollar General Headquarters Corporate Office: Who’s in the Executive Team

The list of members in the management team and Board of Directors at the Dollar General main office headquarters is updated last April 2014. The list may not be accurate anymore as the company changes team dynamics and members.

Dollar General Corporate Management

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer: Richard Dreiling

Executive Vice President: David Tehle

Chief Operating Officer: Todd Vasos

Executive Vice President: Dave D’Arezzo

Executive Vice President: John Flanigan

Executive Vice President: Bob Ravener

Executive Vice President: Gregory Sparks

Senior Vice President: Anita Elliot

Senior Vice President: Rhonda Taylor

The Board of Directors includes Richard Dreiling, Warren Bryant, Michael Calbert, Sandra Cochran, Patricia Fili-Krushel, and David Rickard.

Dollar General Headquarters Corporate Office: Included Brands

Name brands have alternatives in the market and they are being sold by many retail companies like Dollar General. Dollar General Headquarters marks their brands with the company symbol “DG”.

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