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By | March 20, 2018

DHS Headquarters: About the Government Entity

DHS HeadquartersDHS or the Department of Homeland Security is a government entity with approximately 250,000 employees. DHS headquarters ensures that the people, properties and interests of the United States are protected. DHS also ensures border control, civil rights, immigration services, and cyber security among other duties. The office of the Secretary of Homeland security is currently held by Jeh Johnson, as of 2014.

DHS Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

You can contact the headquarters of DHS in many ways – be it by phone, email or mail. The department provides their contact phone numbers and email addresses on the page.

  • DHS Headquarters Address: If you write to the headquarters, your letter will be directly sent to the office of the Secretary of Homeland Security. The complete mailing address is The Honorable Jeh Johnson Secretary of Homeland Security Washington, D.C. 20528
  • Phone Number: The headquarters can be reached at 1-202-282-8000 while you can dial 1-202-282-8495 to make a comment about the department. The headquarters is also associated with the following numbers:

1-202-272-1200 for Citizenship and Immigration

1-202-372-4620 for Coast Guard

1-202-344-1780 for Border Protection

1-202-646-4600 for FEMA

1-912-267-2447 for Law Enforcement Training Center

1-202-732-4242 for ICE

1-202-406-5708 for Secret Service

1-571-227-2829 for TSA

  • Email: The DHS White Pages contains 20 contact emails for different departments or divisions.
  • Website: You can contact the Department of Homeland Security using the contact information provided by the broad government website for the headquarters. You can also learn about the department on the website.

DHS Headquarters: Team of Executives

There are several elected officials of the leadership team at the headquarters. You can check the list of officers on the official website.

Jeh Johnson

Alejandro Mayorkas

Christian P. Marrone

Elisa Montoya

Stevan E. Bunnell

Rear Admiral June E. Ryan

Chris Cummiskey

Chris Cummiskey

Chip Fulghum

Luke J. McCormack

Suzanne Spaulding

David Hess

Phyllis Schneck

Dr. Andy Ozment

Caitlin Durkovich

L. Eric Patterson

Shonnie Lyon

John F. Murphy

Daniel Gerstein

John D. Cohen

Jennifer Lasley

David Heyman

Alan Bersin

Michael Stroud

Alan D. Cohn

Patricia Cogswell

Philip A. McNamara

Lori Scialabba

Admiral Robert J. Papp, Jr.

R. Gil Kerlikowske

Daniel Ragsdale

W. Craig Fugate

Ernest Mitchell Jr.

Julia Pierson

John S. Pistole

Maria M. Odom

Megan H. Mack

Dr. Huban A. Gowadia

Connie L. Patrick

Dr. Kathryn Brinsfield

John Roth

Brian de Vallance

Richard Chavez

Karen L. Neuman

Clark W. Stevens

DHS Headquarters Corporate Office: Associated Brands

The headquarters has no associated brands.

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