Costco Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 21, 2018

Costco Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Warehouse Company

Costco HeadquartersCostco is a warehouse company that is into bulk selling or sells products on wholesale Furniture, home furnishings, clothing, and mattresses are some of the usual products you can find in all stores under Costco corporate office.

Costco Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

The retail website is the source of company information for the Costco headquarters. Specifically, the contact page provides the corporate mailing address, travel phone numbers, member services and the company’s physical address.

Costco Headquarters Address: There are two different addresses for the corporate office headquarters of Costco – the physical address and the post office box. If you wish contact as a customer, mail to the post office box.

Costco Headquarters P.O. Box 34331 Seattle, WA 98124


Costco Headquarters 999 Lake Dr. Issaquah, WA 98027

Costco Corporate Phone Number: The website only contains the contact for member services (1-800-774-2678), not the corporate phone number. A third-party website however has provided us a direct contact number for the headquarters – 1-425-313-8100.

Email: Costco corporate headquarters has no email address. However, website and membership services have designated contact forms.

Website: The retail side of the business is found at the official website for the headquarters. A corporate website is not available.

Costco Headquarters Corporate Office: Executive Officers

After searching thoroughly, we were able to compile the names of the executive officers. They are as follows:

Jeffrey H. Brotman

Pat Callans

Roger A. Campbell

Richard C. Chavez

John B. Gaherty

Richard A. Galanti

Jaime Gonzalez

Bruce A. Greenwood

Robert D. Hicok

Dennis A. Hoover

Craig Jelinek

Dennis Knapp

Franz Lazarus

Jeffrey Long

Jeffrey Lyons

John McKay

Russ Miller

Ali Moayeri

Paul G. Moulton

James P. Murphy

Rich Olin

David S. Petterson

Joseph P. Portera

Pierre Riel

Ginnie M. Roeglin

Timothy L. Rose

Yoram Rubanenko

Doug W. Schutt

John Thelan

Ron Vachris

Dennis R. Zook

Since there is an expected change of team members from time to time, you may check the updates on the management page of Costco HQ.

Costco Headquarters Corporate Office: Brands

Costco corporate has an alternative brand (to the name brand merchandise) called Kirkland. Kirkland is the company’s main brand for food items as well as cleaning and personal products. The Kirkland brand is much cheaper than the merchandise of the name brand.

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