Citigroup Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 21, 2018

Citigroup Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Company

Citigroup HeadquartersSeveral financial institutions such as Citibank bank are under Citigroup. Citigroup corporate office now has Panama Canal, baking technology and smart banking ever since it started in New York in 1812.

Citigroup Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

The Citi headquarters does not have a permanent location. The current Citibank headquarters address is on Park Avenue. You can’t contact the headquarters by email, but there are mail and phone contacts for the corporate office. You may also log in to your social media account to visit the company’s social pages.

  • Citibank Corporate Address: The current location of the headquarters is New York. While the headquarters is set to be transferred to Greenwich St., the specific details on the next location and the moving date are not disclosed. Citigroup already own two buildings on such street. Citigroup Headquarters 399 Park Ave. New York, NY 10043
  • Phone Number: The corporate office can’t be reached directly. The official website does not contain a fax number. If you wish to contact the headquarters of Citigroup, just dial 1-800-285-3000.
  • Email: Citigroup corporate headquarters can’t be contacted via email. As an alternative, contact the company through its social media pages.
  • Website:com contains the official website for the company’s headquarters. The website lets you know about various Citigroup brands and corporate information.

Citigroup Headquarters Corporate Office: Team of Executives

The Leadership and Board of Directors run the headquarters of Citigroup. The list of two executive teams is updated on the Our Business page.  Check such page if you want to know if there are changes in leadership.

The Board of Directors includes Michael Corbat, Franz Humer, Michael O’Neill, Judith Rodin, Anthony Santomero, Diana Taylor, James Turley, Ernesto Zedillo, William Thompson Jr., Joan Spero, Robert Ryan, Gary Reiner, Robert Joss and Duncan Hennes.

The members of the leadership team are Eric Aboaf, Javier Arrigunaga, Don Callahan, James Cowles, Barbara Desoer, Jane Fraser, Bradford Hu, Jud Linville, Manual Medina-More, Edward Skyler, Francesco Vanni d’Archirafi, Paco Ybarra, Francisco Aristeguieta, Stephen Bird, Michael Corbat, John Davidson III, James Forese, John Gerspach, Brian Leach, Paul McKinnon, William Mills, Cece Stewart and Rohan Weerasinghe.

Citigroup Headquarters Corporate Office: Associated Brands

Citibank, Citi Mortgage, Citi Cards, Institutional Clients Group and Citi Transaction are some of the brands associated with Citigroup headquarters.

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