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By | March 21, 2018

CIA Headquarters: About the Government Agency

CIA HeadquartersCIA or Central Intelligence Agency is originally called the Office of Strategic Services. The prime function of this federal agency is to protect the people and securities of the country. CIA headquarters holds several classified functions and programs and collects vital information or intelligence.

CIA Headquarters Info –Address Phone Number Email Website

One can locate the headquarters of CIA in Washington, D.C. There are many ways to contact their headquarters – you may visit the official website, use your phone, send an email, or deliver a mail. CIA agents are spread all over the United States and beyond.

  • CIA Headquarters Address: The mailing address you should use when sending a letter to the headquarters is CIA Headquarters Office of Public Affairs Washington, D.C. 20505. The ideal department will be able to receive your letter if you add an attention line for an agent or office you know.
  • Phone Number: The headquarters doesn’t only have a phone number (1-703-482-0623) but a fax number 1-571-204-3800 as well. It is recommended to include your phone number if you contact the headquarters via fax. This is to ensure that a representative from the agency can respond to you. Only call the office between during business hours (EST).
  • Email: Contacting the headquarters via email is not possible but you can reach the office online using a contact form. There are also YouTube and Flickr pages from the headquarters. Don’t forget to include your contact information in the email.
  • Website: By visiting the official website, you can learn everything about the CIA, from its history to functionalities of the office and contact information.

CIA Headquarters: Who Runs the Government Agency?

The executive team at the agency’s headquarters is called leaders – whose list is updated on the official website from time to time. As of April 2014, the list of leaders includes the following names and respective positions:

Director of the CIA: John Brennan

Deputy Director of the CIA: Avril Haines

Executive Director of the CIA: Meroe Park

Director of Intelligence: Fran Moore

Director of Science and Technology: Glenn Gaffney

Director of Support: Jeanne Tisinger

Director of the Center for the Study of Intelligence: Peter Usowski

Director of Public Affairs: Dean Boyd

Inspector General: David Buckley

CIA Headquarters – Associated Brands

CIA headquarters doesn’t have any brand.

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