Chrysler Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 21, 2018

Chrysler Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Car Manufacturer

ChryslerChrysler Headquarters is the name that primarily comes to mind when looking for a new/used car or truck. Chrysler is a very popular car manufacturer in America with brands such as Fiat, Jeep and Dodge. Chrysler is the brand of the parent company Chrysler Group LLC. Chrysler corporate headquarters and Dodge headquarters belongs to such company.

Chrysler Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

Auburn Mills, Michigan is the current location of the headquarters. You may call or email the Chrysler corporate office for complaints. You may visit someone from the corporate team at the physical address or write him a letter to the post office address.

Address: There is a post office box or contact mailing address (Chrysler Headquarters P.O. Box 21-8004 Auburn Mills, MI 48321) for the headquarters. Chrysler corporate office also has a physical address (Chrysler Headquarters 1000 Chrysler Dr. Auburn Mills, MI 48326). Using any of these addresses can connect you to the headquarters of the company.

Chrysler Phone Number: Various sources online have provided us different phone numbers that are associated with the headquarters. The following numbers have connected us to the corporate office:

  • Consumer Toll-Free Phone Number – 1-800-334-9200
  • Phone Number for Chrysler Group LLC (Chrysler headquarters) – 1-278-576-5741

The consumer line is provided by the official website while the other number is taken from an external website.

Email: If you are looking to contact the headquarters via email, you may access the official website and use a contact form.

Website: The official website for the headquarters is mainly dedicated for those who are seeking information about the company. If you wish to shop around for Chrysler brands such as Dodge corporate, there is a website dedicated for you.

Chrysler Headquarters Corporate Office: Team of Executives

Chrysler names the executive staff as the leadership team. The team is divided into two groups – Management Team and Board of Directors

The Board of Directors includes Sergio Marchionne, Leo Houle, John Lanaway, Robert Liberatore, Ruth Simmons, Douglas Steenland, Ronald Thompson and Stephen Wolf.

The following are the members of the Management team:

Sergio Marchionne

Steven Beahm

Doug Betts

Reuid Buigland

Bruno Cattori

Mark Chernoby

Olivier Francois

Alistair Gardner

Ralph Gilles

Pietro Gorlier

Peter Grady

Michael Keegan

Timothy Kuniskis

Scott Kunselman

Robert Lee

Marhorie Loeb

Jeffrey Lux

Laurie Macaddino

Michael Manley

Richard Palmer

Barbara Pilarski

Mauro Pino

Gualberto Ranieri

Scott Sandschafer

Jason Stoicevich

Joseph Trapasso

Joseph Veltri

Chrysler Headquarters Corporate Office: Included Brands

Navigate to top portion of the official website XXX to find the links for various brands such as Ram, Dodge, Jeep corporate, Mopar, Fiat and SRT. Those are the brands under Chrysler headquarters.

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