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By | March 21, 2018

CBS Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Telecommunications Network

CBSCBS Headquarters or Columbia Broadcasting Company is a telecommunications company that handles the CBS Network and CBS News. The company is operating since 1950. The founding father of the first CBS headquarters and the company as a whole is William Paley. The location of the first corporate office was in the Tiffany & Company building in New York. The stations provided by the company range from movies (Showtime) to young adult (CW).

CBS Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

The company headquarters ensures communication with the public and business by providing multiple phone numbers, social media accounts and a mailing address. You can learn about the CBS station through the social media accounts. The customer service department can connect you with the headquarters of CBS.

Address: If you wish to contact the headquarters, it is recommended to send a mail to the New York office. The complete address for the office is CBS Headquarters 51 W. 52nd St. New York, NY 10019.

Phone Number: Dial 1-877-227-0787 to connect with the investor relations department. If you wish to contact someone from the headquarters, dial 1-212-975-4321.

Email: You may need to perform an indirect way to contact CBS corporate headquarters via email since there is no direct contact form or email for the headquarters. In such case, the investor relations email will be useful. Another alternative is any of the social media pages of the company.

Website: The headquarters official website contains a link (Other CBS Corporation Sites) that leads to all other websites of CBS corporate headquarters. You can find he link on the top of the page. Aside from that, there is also Press Contact. The website also contains information on the company, its business side, and ways to contact the corporate office and investor relations.

CBS Headquarters Corporate Office: Team of Executives

The website provides the names of executives at the headquarters of CBS. The main office is comprised of an executive team and a Board of Directors.


Sumner Redstone

Leslie Moonves

Anthony Ambrosio

Lawrence Tu

Joseph Ianniello

Richard Jones

John Orlando

Gil Schwartz

Larry Liding

Angeline Straka

Adam Townsend

Board of Directors

Sumner Redstone

Shari Redstone

Leslie Moonves

David Adelman

Joseph Califano

William Cohen

Gary Countryman

Charles Gifford

Leonard Goldberg

Bruce Gordon

Linda Griego

Arnold Kopelson

Doug Morris

Frederic Salerno

CBS Headquarters Corporate Office: Listed Brands

There is a comprehensive list of brands provided on the CBS Interactive website. For your information, CBS Interactive is part of CBS corporate headquarters and responsible for brands such as ZDNet,, and CNet. Meanwhile, the company’s headquarters controls the following brands:

  • Watch! Magazine
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • Simon & Schuster
  • EcoMedia
  • CW
  • TVGN

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