Cargill Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 21, 2018

Cargill Headquarters Corporate Office – About the Food Service Company

Cargill HeadquartersCargill is a food service company that works with companies like McDonalds in providing sustainability ingredients and products. Customers may not interact with the Cargill directly but it is very likely that you may have encountered a product from the headquarters at least once in your life. Cargill HQ is also into animal farming, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical.

Cargill Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

The Cargill corporate office headquarters is the food product supplier of companies like McDonalds.  Good examples of products are ingredients and fillers. Minnesota is the current location of the company’s headquarters. There are two addresses of the company corporate office – one is the physical address and another is the address you can send a mail to.


  • Cargill Headquarters P.O. Box 9300 Minneapolis, MN 55440
  • Cargill Headquarters 15407 McGinty Rd. Wayzata, MN 55391
  • Cargill Headquarters 9320 Excelsior Blvd. Hopkins, MN 55343

Cargill Phone Number: Contact the main office at 1-800-227-4455.

Email: Visitors may contact the headquarters using a contact form.

Website: Cargill Inc. corporate headquarters updates initiatives and innovations of the company on their official website.

Cargill Headquarters Corporate Office – Team of Executives

There are several managers comprising the executive team at the headquarters of Cargill Minneapolis MN.

Management of Cargill Corporate Office

Executive Chairman of the Board: Gregory R. Page

President and Chief Executive Officer: David W. MacLennan

Vice Chairman: Paul D. Conway

Vice Chairman and Chief Risk Officer: Emery N. Koenig

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer: Marcel H. M. Smits

Senior Vice President: William A. Buckner

Corporate Vice President: Patrick E. Bowe

Corporate Vice President: David E. Dines

Corporate Vice President, Corporate Affairs: Michael A. Fernandez

Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer: John E. Geisler

Corporate Vice President: Todd B. Hall

Platform Leader: Norman Hay

Corporate Vice President, Operations: Thomas M. Hayes

Platform Leader: Thomas J. Intrator

Platform Leader: Olivier Kerr

Platform Leader: Bram C. Klaeijsen

Corporate Vice President and Controller: Kimberly A. Lattu

Corporate Vice President, Strategy & Business Development: Sarena Lin

Corporate Vice President, Research and Development: Christopher P. Mallett

Platform Leader: Paul Naar

Corporate Vice President and Treasurer: Jayme D. Olson

Platform Leader: Angie Ooi

Corporate Vice President: K. Scott Portnoy

Corporate Vice President: R. Wayne Teddy

Platform Leader: Frank J. Van Lierde

Corporate Vice President, Human Resources: Peter Vrijsen

Corporate Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary: Laura Witte

Cargill Headquarters Corporate Office – Associated Brands

Company has brands with special programs in markets like food and pharmaceutical. There is a name “Cargill” in most brands created by Cargill. If you wish to get more information on Cargill brands, feel free to check the official website. Check out the following exclusive names of brands under the Cargill headquarters:

  • NatureWorks
  • North Star Steel
  • CarVal Investors
  • Black River Asset Management

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