Bose Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 21, 2018

Bose Headquarters Corporate Office: About the Sounds Company

BoseBose Headquarters is a manufacturer and vendor of stereo equipment, speakers and headphones. The sounds company is known for its top-of-the-line audio products with sophisticated features such as noise-cancelling. You have a lot to choose from Bose HQ when it comes to product selection and price.

Bose Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

The company website provides contact information for Bose corporate office such as email address, phone number and address. When you visit the company retail website, you will also find the official website for the headquarters. The support department can be reached via email and can be requested to forward your message to the corporate headquarters. The current location of the company’ headquarters is Framingham, Massachusetts.

  • Bose Corporate Office Address: You can write to the company’s headquarters using the Framingham address. The complete mailing address is Bose Headquarters The Mountain Framingham, MA 01701. It is recommended to include and attention line to the department you need to reach so you can get a response from the correct department.
  • Bose Framingham Phone Number: The phone number 1-800-999-2673 may not be only for contacting Bose corporation headquarters but the customer service department as well. You can also contact the company via fax – 1-508-820-3465.
  • Email: You can email the support department at Bose corporate headquarters and may request their representative to connect with the corporate. This is probably the only way to reach the corporate office via email because they have no email address.
  • Website: The global and contact page of the website contains a great deal of company information. You may visit the official website for Bose to find out about their products and shop online. The global US page is a good source of corporate information.

Bose Headquarters Corporate Office: Executive Officers

The official website does not disclose the Board of Directors at the headquarters – only the company executives. Fortunately, an investor page provides a list of the executive team as well as the Board of Directors.

Bose Corporate Headquarters Board of Directors

Donald Grierson

Thomas Bogan

Paul Lacy

Michael Porter

Robert Schechter

Renato Zambonini

C. Richard Harrison

James Heppelmann

Executive Management of Bose Headquarters Corporate Office

James Heppelmann

Barry Cohen

Robert Ranaldi

Anthony DiBona

Marc Diouane

Jeffrey Glidden

Robert Gremley

Brian Shepherd

Aaron von Staats

Bill Berutti

Bose Headquarters Corporate Office – Available Brands

Bose is the main brand of the company. Bose headquarters also sell products under its name such as the FreeStyle, QuietComfort, SoundTouch, Wave and SoundTrue. These products are trademarked to Bose.

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