Blackberry Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number

By | March 21, 2018

Blackberry Headquarters Corporate Office – About the Telecommunications Company

BlackberryBlackberry Headquarters is a manufacturer and supplier of cellular phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Blackberry support and devices are also available from several popular cellular phone companies. The company however does not have connectivity services.

Blackberry Headquarters Info – Address Phone Number Email Website

Blackberry company has Canadian headquarters, American headquarters and European headquarters. Each of these headquarters has contact information which is provided down the page.

  • Address: The complete mailing address of the company’s headquarters in Canada is Blackberry Headquarters 2200 University Ave. E Waterloo, ON, Canada N2K 0A7. The corporate office in Texas is also open for mails with this address – Blackberry Headquarters USA 5000 Riverside Dr. Irving, TX 75039. If you are experiencing issues with their product or escalated customer support concerns, you may mail to the Blackberry address Waterloo or the Texas address depending on your location.
  • Phone Number: The two Blackberry corporate headquarters have respective phone numbers. The headquarters in Texas can be contacted at 1-972-373-1700 while the corporate headquarters in Canada can be reached at 1-519-888-7465.
  • Email: You can’t contact the headquarters of Blackberry directly because you have to contact the investor relations department through its email address first. The recipient of this email will redirect it to a corporate office representative as per your request.
  • Website: The main company website contains the headquarters website where you can learn about the new devices and support for older devices. You may also check the About Us / Contact Us page XXX to know how to contact the company.

Blackberry Headquarters Corporate Office – Who’s Behind the Company?

Blackberry corporate headquarters is run by two executive teams, namely the management team and Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors includes John Chen, Prem Watsa, Barbara Stymiest, Timothy Dattels, Claudia Kotchka, Richard Lynch and Bert Norberg.

Executive Team of Blackberry Headquarters Corporate Office

CEO: John Chen

QNX Software CEO: Dan Dodge

Executive Vice President: Billy Ho

Global Sales President: Eric Johnson

Emerging Solutions and Devices President: Ron Louks

Executive Vice President: James Mackey

Executive Vice President: Nigel Perks

Global Enterprise Services President: John Sims

CMO: Mark Wilson

CFO: James Yersh

Legal Officer: Steven Zipperstein

Blackberry Headquarters Corporate Office – Associated Brands

There are no brands under Blackberry headquarters other than the name of the company itself.

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